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Links and Forms

Allen County Auditor – www.allencountyohauditor.com
Allen County Common Pleas Court – www.co.allen.oh.us/commonpleas/ccom.php
Allen County Recorder – www.allencountyohio.com/recorder/

Auglaize County – www.auglaizecounty.org
Auglaize County Auditor– auglaizeauditor.ddti.net
Auglaize County Common Pleas Court– www2.auglaizecounty.org/courts/common-pleas
Auglaize County Recorder – www2.auglaizecounty.org/elected-officials/recorder

Mercer County Auditor – www.mercercountyohio.org/auditor
Mercer County Common Pleas Court – www.mercercountyohio.org/clerk
Mercer County Recorder – www.mercercountyohio.org/recorder

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) - www.naela.org

Ohio Secretary of State – www.sos.state.oh.us
Ohio Department of Taxation - www.tax.ohio.gov
Ohio State Bar Association - www.ohiobar.org

Shelby County Auditor – www.co.shelby.oh.us/auditor
Shelby County Common Pleas Court – co.shelby.oh.us/common-pleas-court-judge/
Shelby County Recorder – www.co.shelby.oh.us/recorder

City of Wapakoneta – www.wapakoneta.net
Wapakoneta Area Economic Development Council – www.whywapakoneta.com
Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce – www.wapakoneta.com

Village of Jackson Center - www.jacksoncenter.com